The artwork of Gregory E. Pilling
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Miscellaneous artwork 2012

Miscellaneous artwork 2010-2011
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Desert M - Meri EP

Jersey Shore PFLAG business card redesign

Desert M - Sade single

And One - Zerstrer cover reinterpretation

Desert M - Lunta single

Jeffrey Allen, CSA President campaign posters

Christmas card 2014

Artwork for Desert M's EP "Autiomaa"

Jersey Shore PFLAG - Tri-fold Brochure

Sam Houston State University's Pride Week flyer

Artwork for Desert M's EP "Jupiter"

Sam Houston State University's Gamma Sigma Kappa flyer

Christmas card 2013

"Album artwork for Desert M's album "Ern..."

Postcard for Jersey Shore PFLAG

T-Shirt design for Jersey Shore PFLAG

Flyers for Ocean County College's Gay-Straight Alliance

The Farmer Boys - Till the Cows Come Home cover reinterpretation

Album artwork for Desert M's album "Aurinkoon"

Flyer for Jersey Shore PFLAG

Album artwork for Desert M's EP "Autio"

Art for Shoeclash podcast numbers 3, 4, and 5

Logo for GMDB

Logo for die_spinne